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 Year Zero, by your favorite author

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Year Zero, by your favorite author Empty
PostSubject: Year Zero, by your favorite author   Year Zero, by your favorite author Icon_minitimeThu Jul 09, 2009 8:54 am

Chapter One~

"...Watch out. You might get what your after. That's right. Strange but not a stranger. There has got to be a way. Burnin' down the house..."
The lyrics fought their way through static and, for all they'd done to be heard, they may as well have falled on deaf ears.

"What the hell is this crap?" asked Johnson, turning to Sean for an answer.

"Hell if I know," Sean told him. "Probably just a transmission from some looney lost out here. It's just gibberish."

"I doubt that," a voice came from behind them. "Of course, you guys would be too young to know about music."

"Father?" Sean turned around.

There he was; Sean's father, also known as the captian of Team Zero. He would lead them through the unknown sector to wherever a safe haven may be, and then year 0000 would begin.

"Sean, on this ship, you will call me Sir Charles Jackson." His father scolded. "How many times must we go over that?"

"Sorry," Sean appoligised. "What were you saying about this stuff? 'Music'?"

"Music is a pretty old thing. It was around before the war, and pretty much before you were born. Now, though, there are only so many of us left and none of us have the patience nor the time to try and write or play music. There's lots of work to be done."

"There's always work to be done," Sean sighed, feeling exhausted.

"Of course," Charles chuckled. "Got in contact with HQ yet?"

"No. This signal seems to be blocking it, and there's nothing that we can do."

"I thought that might happen. I guess we'll have to just go on without them."

"Excuse me?" Sean asked, temper rising. "You can't seriously mean to say that we should just abandon our friends. They helped us build this ship so that we could save everyone."

"We convinced them to build us a ship so that we as a family could find some place to be safe. It has always been about just us, just you, me, your mother, Christine--"

"Mom and Christine are dead, dad," Sean interupted. "I don't know about you, but I am not lettingeveryone else die too."

"Let it go, Sean. Let them go. They can fend for themselves."

"Uh, guys," a weak voice came from Johnson. "Something is heading towards the ship."

As soon as both Charles and Sean peered over Johnson's shoulder to see what was the matter, the ship began to shake violently, sending them this way and that about the room. Sparks flew as screens cracked and lights flickered. The red warning screen came up on whatever computers weren't damaged. However, they could do nothing for how much damage the ship was taking. The last thing Sean saw before he fainted was the ship tearing itself apart, and the black space outside of it. And there in the center was the once blue planet they called Earth.


Today would change everything, though Lyon Jones would not realise it just yet. For one, there seemed to be a cool breeze blowing over the hot surface of the planet. The gentle wind moved the bracnhes of whatever trees were spared in the war. The sun seemed to be less threataning, farther away from the Earth than it usualy was. It's light was reflected on the ripples of the irradiated Last Lake.

Lyon walked down the sandy shore to see nwhat kind of food had made itself into his trap this morning. It turned out to be an old boot.

"Just my luck," he spoke to himself.

He'd gotten used to doing that. With as many people as there were left--aside from those deemed to be 'vampires'--there weren't many to talk to. And it also didn't help that Lyon liked to live by himself up in the old box manufacturing company, away from their tiny village. He did have a good business going on, though; he would let people store their things in his boxes in exchange for food.

Either way, he didn't hear any screams for help at all. Not until he saw the new rubble on the shore nearby what remained of the Statue of Liberty. Lyon ran towars whoever was yelling as fast as his old, feeble bones could take him.

There, in the shadow of the statue, lay Sean Jackson.
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Year Zero, by your favorite author Empty
PostSubject: Re: Year Zero, by your favorite author   Year Zero, by your favorite author Icon_minitimeFri Jul 10, 2009 10:36 am

I like this story lol.Post the second chapter please Razz.
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Year Zero, by your favorite author
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